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BASE-70162 - Remote Control Robot Construct -- US$55.00

This kit provides parts for wheeled remote control robot. Twin-motor gearbox, crank-axle gearbox, remote control box, ball caster, tires, universal arm (170mm x 8pcs.), universal plate (160 x 60mm), 3mm push rivet (10mm & 8mm length x 24pcs.), and other required parts are included. Clear smoke colored remote control box has 4 channnels and enables control of 4 different movements by adding separately available gearboxes. The kit comes with construction manual. You can add your "brain" such as Handyboard or OOPIC to control the robot.

Constrution Example: Arm Type
This robot can grab onto and lift objects. The robot can grab and lift objects that are within robot's maximum arm extension width. Adding adhesive material onto grips enables the robot to handle round objects.

Constrution Example: Shovel Type
Crank arm moves the shovel. This robot can scoop up, lift, and drop multiple objects at one time.

Constrution Example: Bucket Type
Crank revolution is transformed into bucket opening/closing actions via the combination of long arms. This robot is good at picking objects isolated by walls.

Competition example for remote control robots
Carry ping-pong balls from the box located in the center of the court to your goal box and contend for the number of ping-pong balls.


BASE-Submarine - R/C controlled mini submarine -- US$45.00

Probably the smallest series-produced submarine in the world. Among the goldfish in the aquarium is a remote-controlled, fully manoeuvrable mini submarine the size of a Kinder Suprise egg. Use this mini submarine in your aquarium, washbasine or bath -- it can be operated in the smallest of spaces. The refined receiver and drive electronics are housed in the belly of the submarine in a water-tight capsule. Speed, submersion and left/right turns, forward/backward are controlled using the radio control transmitter which comes with the set.

The kit includes:

  • AC Charger
  • Submarine
  • Frame
  • Transmitter
  • Quich Charger
  • Operation manual


  • The Dimension of the submarine (L x W x H): 9.5cm x 5.0cm x 7.5cm.
  • Weight: 150g (battery not included)
  • Battey: 3.6V NiCd battery (included)
  • Using time: 20-minute
  • Driving depth: 1.8m
  • LEDs on the submarine body

Other applications:

1. Let's install a microprocessor into this mini submarine and write a program to teach it to "dive"

2. By installing a water-proof sensors and converting it to a submarine robot. It should be very interesting...

3. The limitation is your imagination.


HB-IC-HANDYBUG-Body - LEGO based Mobile Robot Body only -- US$299.00

The LEGO based HandyBug mobile robot is illustrated in the Dr. Fred Martin's book Robotic Explorations: A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering. The book used the HandyBug mobile robot platform and Handyboard to teach the robotic concepts and programming. The book has full of examples and Interactive-C source code about how to program and integrate the sensors with the HandyBug and Handyboard. The package comes with all LEGO parts that recommended from the book.

The HandyBug comes with 2 LEGO motors, 2 LEGO touch sensors, and a pack of basic sensor: HB-SENSOR -- Basic Sensor Kit that can be used with the MIT Handyboard system. The photos show a HandyBug with a Handyboard system attached. The Handyboard system comes with Serial/Charger board to interface PC or Mac. The Handyboard system and the book are sold separately. The HandyBug is fully tested and assembled.

For a HandyBug comes with complete Handyboard development system and the book, please check with our kit: HB-IC-HANDYBUG

Handyboard and LEGO are used in MIT 6.270 LEGO Robot Design contest


HB-HANDYBOT -- Handyboard Based Robotic Explorations System -- US$299.00

Complete Handyboard based mobile robotic exploration for projects or advanced research. Comes with all sensor, hardware, MIT Handyboard system with Expansion board (optional), Interactive-C development tool, software example, and user manual. Great to start your robot exploration. HandyBot information available here.


HB-BASE -- Handyboard based mobile robot platform -- US$68.00

2nd generation Mobile Robot Base Kit for use with Handyboard system

Wheels driven base that has two very high quality 6V DC gearhead motors (metal gears). A large platform for you to place sensors onto it. Screws, spacer, and wire are included with this kit. It is widely used in University AI/Robotic course. Here is the User Manual on PDF format.


Platform size: 91mm x 140mm PCB fabric for easy mounting of sensors
Wheels diameter: 56mm
Front free rolling wheel diameter: 31mm
Driven System: Differential drive with 2 gearhead motors (metal gears)
Motors: 2 extra high quality 6V DC gearhead motors (metal gears with 1/60 gear ratio).
Handyboard compatible (Shared Handyboard Main Power supply)

The HB-BASE mobile robot platforms comes with:

1./ Mobile robot base platform body

2./ 8 x AA size battery holder (providing power to your robot brain e.g. Handyboard system and motors)

3./ 2 pieces 1x40 rows male connector

4./ 4 sets wire tider

5./ Heat shrink

6./ Ribbon color wire

7./ Screws and nuts

8./ User Manual and Handyboard sample Interactive-C program on CD

NOTE: Our HB-BASE DO NOT require separate motor power supply as shown in Handyboard modification. This is because we used high quality DC gearhead motor which draws very little of current. You can check with HandyBot package for full set of parts.


BASE-70104 -- Bulldozer Kit - Hackable mobile robot base with twin gear box -- US$38.00

The Remote Controlled Bulldozer kit utilizes a pre-wired 2-channel remote system to enable forward/reverse and left/right movement. Powered by two FA-130 motors, this machine is sure to move mountains while teaching how a tracked vehicle works. The bushings, bulldozer blade and arms are all made of a high quality plastic material.

The kit has a tank belt driven system with a twin gear box. It is suitable to modify to a mobile robot base platform with a small effort. It can go forward-backward-left turn-right turn. With some modification, you can use Handyboard or OOPIC to drive the motors. The size is about 14.8cm (L) x 10.8cm (W). Motor: (2) FA-130. Remote: 2-channel. Tracks: Caterpillar. Twin gear-box, wired remote control box, and detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70107 -- POWER SHOVEL/DOZER -- Hackable mobile robot base with twin gear box -- US$38.00

A common vehicle at construction sites, the Power Shovel/Dozer kit moves like its full-scale counterpart. The 3-channel remote system enables forward/reverse and left/right movement and it also raises the shovel up and down. The adjuster rod on the shovel changes the angle of the shovel creating the dumping action. The size is about 14.8cm (L) x 10.8cm (W). Motor: (3) FA-130. Remote: 3-channel. Tracks: Caterpillar. Twin gear-box, wired remote control box, and detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70068 -- Wall Following Mouse -- US$32.50

The Wall Hugging Mouse races along the wall in a zig-zag manner. When the sensor rod makes contact with the wall it activates the circuit switch which produces an alternating on/off sequence, turning one motor on while turning the other motor off. The sensor and main switches come complete. This is a fun and easy-to build kit. Motor: (2) RE-140. Body: Polycarbonate. Chassis: Plastic. Twin motor gear box included and detailed assembly instructions included


Utilizing a 3-channel, self-centering remote system, the Remote Controlled Forklift moves forward/reverse, left/right and the fork moves up/down. The fork is moved by the use of a threaded rod, giving the forklift the ability to lift up to 100g. Assembly is simple, with a preformed plastic body and easy-to-assemble gearbox. Motor: FA-130. Remote: 3-channel. Rear Wheel: Caster . Twin gear-box, wired remote control box, and detailed assembly instructions included.



The Tracked Vehicle Chassis traverses over objects in its path and rough terrain. Use this kit as a stand-alone or combine it with other accessories making a more complex machine with more capabilities. The gear box can be built with two possible gear ratios–Standard: 203.7:1 or High Speed–58.2:1. Move forward or backward only. Motor: FA-130. Gear Box: Two gear ratio possibilities–standard and high. Detailed assembly instructions included.



The Earth Moving Dump Truck kit utilizes a 3-channel remote system. One channel controls forward/reverse movement, another controls left/right steering, and the third channel controls the dumping action of the truck bed. The worm gear on the motor powering the dumping action allows smooth, powerful dumping and prevents the truck bed from falling. The bed of the truck can be custom painted. Motor: Three (3) RE-140. Tires: Semi-pneumatic. Chassis: Pre-cut wood Remote: 3-channel. Wired remote control box, and detailed assembly instructions included.



This construction kit simulates the movements of an inch worm. The pre-assembledgear box with crank arm is mounted at the center of a plastic pantographic frame, which folds and extends repeatedly, like an inch worm. Ratchet wheels allow the inch worm to move its way forward. Motor: RE-140. Gear Box: Pre-built, crank arm. Detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70114 -- ROWBOAT -- US$29.00


The Rowboat kit’s crank-arm gear box and link rod produce an oar movement similar to those on full-size rowboats, propelling it across solid or liquid surfaces. The gear box is easy to assemble and precise design of the part assures smooth operation. Motor: FA-130 Gear Box: Crank arm with link rod Hull: Plastic. Detailed assembly instructions included.


The Amphibious Vehicle utilizes a combination of wheel and propeller power to move itself both on land and while floating on water. The FA-130 Underwater Motor powers both the rear wheels and the propeller. Styrofoam floats keep the vehicle stable on top of the water while the adjustable rudder steers the vehicle in water. Motor: FA-130 Underwater Motor. Propulsion: RWD and propeller. Detailed assembly instructions included.

BASE-70112 -- BUGGY CAR CHASSIS -- US$29.00

Destined to end up off the road, the Buggy Car Chassis is a wonderful introduction to coil-spring suspensions. The pre-built gear box has an adjustable speed setting for high and low speed output. Motor: FA-130 Suspension: Coil spring. Gear Box: Pre-built. Detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70113 -- 4WD CHASSIS -- US$29.00

Capable of negotiating rough terrain, the 4WD Chassis incorporates a four-wheel shaft-drive system similar to those in full size 4WD vehicles. A hex shaft transfers power from the center gear box to the outer gear box giving 4WD power. The semi-pneumatic tires enhance traction, the roll bar also prevents damage in rollover incidents. Motor: RA-130 Speeds: Forward and reverse. Chassis: Pre-cut wood. Detailed assembly instructions included.

BASE-70074 -- TRACTION TRIKE -- US$29.00

Send this three wheeler off-road or off a ramp. Mount a wheelie bar and watch it pull wheelies up and down the road. The rubber band transfers power from the RE-260 motor to the pulley drive system. The gasoline tank, main frame, and front fork are all pre-cut wood. Motor: RE-260. Tires: Semi-pneumatic. Drive: Rubber band and pulley. Detailed assembly instructions included.

BASE-70072 -- WALKING DINOSAUR -- US$29.00

This fierce-looking Tyrannosaurus Rex uses a crank arm gear box to recreate the movements of the real thing. Balancing on its thick tail, the powerful hind legs and small metal front legs alternate movement while the head moves back and forth. The pre-assembled gear box aids in the ease-of-assembly. Wooden parts are pre cut to shape. Reverse the switch, and the T Rex backwards in a humorous manor. Add light sets and other construction products to enhance the kit. Motor: (3) RE-140. Gear Box: Pre assembled crank-style. Detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70071 -- WALKING TURTLE -- US$29.00

Assembly of the Walking Turtle is easy and the final product leaves the gear and crank arm system visible so you can watch it work. As the turtle moves slowly forward, the head and neck move back and forth. The slide switch is preassembled to aid in the ease of construction, and the body parts are made from pre-cut wood. Motor: RE-140
Gear Box: Pre-assembled. Body: Pre-cut wood. Detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-70094 -- WALKING ELEPHANT -- US$29.00

The Walking Elephant lumbers along swaying its head back and forth. Powered by a FA-130 motor in a high quality gear box, this kit also comes with a highquality plastic link rod to ensure smooth movement and durability. Motor: FA-130. Body: Pre-cut, wooden parts with pre-drilled holes. Detailed assembly instructions included.



The Walking Triceratops is a wonderful representation of the prehistoric herbivore. With pre-cut wooden parts and pre-built gear box, this kit is easy to assemble and a great way to view the workings of a crank-arm gear box. The special link rod makes realistic movement of the legs, head and tail possible. Motor: RE-140. Gear Box: Crank arm, pre-built Body: Pre-cut wood. Detailed assembly instructions included.


BASE-75020 - Line Tracing Snail Kit -- US$49.00

A line tracking rbot which traces black line. The package included assembled electronic board, hardware and mechanics to build your own line follower. Both speed and sensor sensitivity can be adjusted for better performance.

BASE-75014 - An infrared sensing robot -- US$55.00

The Dung Beetle Robot has a pre-assembled light sensor circuit and gearbox with 2 DC motors, and all mechanics. The robot plays the ball (included) by tracing and hiting it. It is powered by 3 AA size batteries. The robot has two wheels, a caster, and a arm.

This is a mechanical battery operated robot equipped with an infrared sensing circuit. The circuit controls two motors and allows the robot to push and follow a ball. The infrared circuit is pre-assembled for quick and easy construction. Assembly instructions for the mechanic included.

Educational Discount and Special COMBO Package Available

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